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Yoga Tripod Pose
If you have ever attempted a handstand, headstand or any version of an upside-down balance pose, you know how much core strength these positions require. Tripod, a pose that works as a transition into handstands, is no exception. The Tripod headstand pose lengthens the spine, eases lower back pressure and…
Yoga Forearm Wheel Pose
The forearm wheel pose strengthens the chest and lungs, stimulates the thyroid, increases energy and provides therapeutic relief for afflictions like asthma. This is an advanced yoga position, which is ultimately used to transition into the even more challenging forearm stand. Again, this is an advanced yoga pose so it should…
Yoga Child’s Pose
This is the ultimate restorative yoga pose. Also known as Balasana, this position releases back and neck tension, alleviates stress, stretches the spine, calms the mind, and encourages steady breathing.
Yoga Plow Pose
This pose may look tricky, but its benefits are immense—and it may be easier than you imagine. Plow pose, or Halasana, stimulates the internal organs, which can alleviate indigestion and stomach troubles. Additionally, this yoga pose stretches the shoulders and spine, challenges the abdominal muscles, reduces stress, and provides therapeutic…
Yoga Cow Pose
Looking to improve your posture? Cow Pose and the Cat-Cow stretch are yoga poses that can do just that. Additionally, cow pose helps strengthen the spine, stimulate stomach organs, work ab muscles, and calm the mind. See this and more Health Tips on our Facebook page.