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5 Tips for Social Media Use During COVID-19
Social media can be an excellent (and perhaps necessary) way to connect with friends and family members and take a break during your day. Here are five tips for healthy social media use.
Allergies, Cold, COVID-19 and Flu: Learn about the Symptoms
While we are starting to understand COVID-19 better than a few months ago, there are still some uncertainties. One of the main sources of confusion is how to differentiate COVID-19 from other illnesses that have similar symptoms such as the flu, allergies and the common cold. Here are some differentiators.
A Guide to Healthy Aging
Whether you enjoy golf, gardening or playing with your grandchildren, taking care of yourself can help you do the things you love — longer. Healthy aging involves a lot of changes, many of which you may not expect. While all these changes are completely natural, there are some tips you can keep in mind to make sure you are staying healthy throughout the process.
New Normal for Summer: COVID-19 Safety Tips
Enjoying outdoor activities and warmer weather can boost your family’s physical and mental health — especially if you’ve been sheltering at home during winter and spring. Here are some tips to stay safe this summer.
How to Have a Video Visit with Your Child
Whether your child has a fever over the weekend and your doctor’s office is closed, a stomach bug in the middle of the night or you simply want to avoid exposure to more germs, telehealth can help. Here's how to video visit with your child.
5 Tips to Reduce Stress
Almost everyone experiences stress in one way or another. While experiencing stress is a natural part of life, you can learn how to reduce stress and better manage it. The first step is to understand it.
Coronavirus and COVID-19: What You Need to Know
There is a lot of information out there about the coronavirus pandemic. Right now education is your best defense. There are several steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from viruses like this.  If you are currently sick or experiencing symptoms,…
5 Health Benefits of Taking Time for Yourself
We’re living in a whirlwind of constant communication. Between smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, many of us are online or on-screen for several hours of the day. (Recent surveys suggest we check our phones an average of 52 times a day!) While this always-available…
Is a Sinus Infection Contagious?
A sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, is one of the most common illnesses treated on LiveHealth Online, especially during the winter months. You may know some of the key symptoms, such as facial pain, congestion and mucus, but how contagious is a sinus infection? Read on to find out.  
Take a Doctor With You When You Travel
You’re finally taking that long-awaited vacation. Your bags are packed and your itinerary is set. But what if you need a doctor while you’re away? suggests that if you get sick while traveling, two of the best ways to salvage…
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