Tips to Avoid Burnout Based on Your Personality
Burnout is physical or emotional exhaustion, usually caused by prolonged stress or frustration. When we think we’re getting close to burnout, it’s time to pay attention to our feelings and overall well-being. Small adjustments to your daily routine can make big differences to your mental health, energy levels and overall outlook on life.
Talking Online Therapy with Dr. Lindsay Henderson
Many people are dealing with unique challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. We talked with Dr. Lindsay Henderson, director of psychological services with LiveHealth Online, to learn more about online therapy and the steps people can take to improve their mental health and cope with change. 
Therapist Spotlights: Learn More about Therapists on LiveHealth Online
Whether it is about a recent work issue or argument with a friend, therapists are usually the ones listening to us. But because therapists are so focused on their patients, we rarely get to hear about them. Learn more about the therapists on LiveHealth Online.
Finding Support: Guide to Mental Health in Children
When children are young, parents and guardians are used to being problem solvers. Whether it’s a scrape from falling off a bike, a conflict with a friend or frustration over a difficult homework assignment, you help sort it out. But how do you know if your child needs additional support for more complicated matters such as mental health?
World Mental Health Day: 4 Healthy Habits to Adopt
Mental health is on our minds every day — even more so this week. October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and October 6-12 is Mental Illness Awareness Week. Psychologist Lindsay Henderson, a provider you can see through…
Tips on Navigating Family Relationships and Tough Conversations During the Holidays
The Holidays are coming up which means spending more time with family – which isn’t always easy with people you may not see eye to eye with. To avoid confrontation and frustration this holiday season, here’s a few ways to navigate challenging conversations and tense relationships: Do not “take the…
Tips for Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy this Holiday Season
It’s very normal and common for people to experience feelings of anxiety and depression around the Holidays. The added stress of social gatherings, gift buying, extra time with extended family and even sentimental memories can bring on feelings of loneliness, sadness, fatigue, tension and worry.  Add in changes in your…
How to Address Bullying
Being bullied hurts. Bullying can occur verbally, physically, and socially, in person, or through social media. It is the unwanted and repeated targeting by others that involves a real or perceived power dynamic that has been shown to be one of the most modifiable risk factors for mental health and…
Postpartum Depression
The CDC estimates 1 in 9 women experience postpartum depression. This can be easy to confuse with the more-common “baby blues,” which refers to worry, mood swings, tearfulness, and difficulty sleeping caused by extreme hormonal changes in your body. Unlike “baby blues,” which usually resolves itself within two weeks of…
5 Ways Social Media Impacts Your Children
Whether we like it or not, social media use across generations has become an integral part of our lives today.  The American Academy of Pediatrics identifies multiple benefits and negative effects of social media on children and teens, and the fact of the matter is that these can apply to…
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