Tips written by the doctors you can speak to using LiveHealth Online
Men: Make Health a Priority
Men are more likely than women to smoke, drink too much alcohol, take health risks, and delay regular checkups and medical care. For Men’s Health Month, read tips to help men stay healthy, in June and all year round.
9 Common Conditions Doctors on LiveHealth Online Can Treat
Doctors on LiveHealth Online can treat a range of conditions, providing advice, treatment options and a prescription if needed. Here are 9 common health concerns doctors can help you with — and the symptoms that might mean it’s time to have a visit.
5 Misconceptions about Therapy
Therapy can help with a range of personal issues. But if you’ve never been in therapy before, you may hold back due to misconceptions about it. Here are five common myths – and the facts that can help you decide whether therapy is right for you.
Is It Allergies or COVID-19?
Your nose is running and your throat is scratchy. It’s the time of year you suffer from seasonal allergies, but COVID-19 is still around. How can you tell which is which and what to do?
Getting Worse, Not Better? It Could Be a Secondary Infection
You were ill and thought you were on the mend — but now you have new or worsening symptoms. It could be a secondary infection. Learn about some of the most common secondary infections, how to recognize them and when to return to your doctor.
How LiveHealth Online Can Help with Mental Health
Taking care of your mental health can have a positive effect on your life — it can help you reach your full potential and cope with challenges. 
Sleep Hygiene: Healthy Habits for Better Z’s
Here's what you need to know about getting enough quality rest.
5 Wellness Tips for Cold Weather
The shorter (and darker) days of the year can sometimes feel tough to manage. In many areas of the country, winter also brings colder temperatures — with or without snow. Here are some tips to help you through the season.
Overcoming Loneliness: Hear from a Therapist Selena Bush, LCSW
Feeling lonely? Hear from a therapist about some tips to take with you to manage loneliness during and after the pandemic.
Tested Positive for COVID-19? Tips for Care
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s likely that you or someone you know may have had the infection. While a positive test result may feel overwhelming, it can be helpful (and important) to know what to do.
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