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Sleep Hygiene: Healthy Habits for Better Z’s
Here's what you need to know about getting enough quality rest.
5 Wellness Tips for Cold Weather
The shorter (and darker) days of the year can sometimes feel tough to manage. In many areas of the country, winter also brings colder temperatures — with or without snow. Here are some tips to help you through the season.
Overcoming Loneliness: Hear from a Therapist Selena Bush, LCSW
Feeling lonely? Hear from a therapist about some tips to take with you to manage loneliness during and after the pandemic.
Tested Positive for COVID-19? Tips for Care
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s likely that you or someone you know may have had the infection. While a positive test result may feel overwhelming, it can be helpful (and important) to know what to do.
Seasonal Affective Disorder Explained + How to Take Care of Yourself
SAD, which is often referred to as seasonal depression and/or the “winter blues”, is extremely common and something that some people experience every year. 
Coping with Anxiety: Holidays and COVID-19
Are you feeling stressed or anxious about the holidays? You’re not alone. While a little holiday stress is expected any year, it's normal if you’re feeling more concerned than usual about get-togethers, safety and your health this winter.  
5 Ways to Stay Connected to Loved Ones Despite Physical Distance
[Image description: Illustration of people spread 6 feet apart and wearing masks.] As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, it might feel more and more difficult to meet up with friends and family. While you may not be able to see people in person as much as you…
Dating during the Time of COVID-19: How to Prioritize Your Safety and Mental Health
[Image description: Two people hold their phones and illustrations of hearts float between them.] A lot has shifted during this pandemic — whether you are working from home, visiting with loved ones electronically and/or ordering your groceries online, you’ve probably had to make some adjustments. The same is true for dating. Because there are no longer opportunities…
5 Tips for Social Media Use During COVID-19
Social media can be an excellent (and perhaps necessary) way to connect with friends and family members and take a break during your day. Here are five tips for healthy social media use.
Allergies, Cold, COVID-19 and Flu: Learn about the Symptoms
While we are starting to understand COVID-19 better than a few months ago, there are still some uncertainties. One of the main sources of confusion is how to differentiate COVID-19 from other illnesses that have similar symptoms such as the flu, allergies and the common cold. Here are some differentiators.
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