3 Summer Skin Problems You May Not Know About

You may not realize that some skin problems may come along with the heat this summer. While there are popular skin problems like sun burn or sun poisoning, Dr. Mia Finkelston, who treats patients using LiveHealth Online, shares 3 other skin issues that you may encounter this summer. Read about these and learn more about how to prevent them.

  1. Yeast rash: Women know what this is only too well, especially around their chest or abdominal skin folds. When you perspire in the summer, the moisture between the skin can become a home for yeast and if it is scratched or irritated by clothing or inadvertent scratching, by a secondary bacteria. This problem will go away with dryness by using powder to create a barrier between the skin. There are also some topical medications that a doctor may suggest. If you have concerns, you can add a picture of the rash or show it to a doctor while using LiveHealth Online during a visit. In most cases it can clear up within 2 weeks.
  2. Back acne: This can happen to anyone, but sometimes the summer causes breakouts because we’re using abundant amounts of sunscreens and perspiring more than usual. These are just 2 things that can cause acne breakouts.  In the summer women, in particular, wear clothing that shows off their backs, arms and upper chest, where this pesky acne flare can occur.
  3. Hair Folliculitis: When it comes to bathing suits, women may shave in areas that are not used to it. The sudden increase in removing the hair in these areas can cause a temporary red, sore irritation in the hair follicle.  While this often goes away without any specific medication, it can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Talk to a doctor for treatment tips.

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Comments and opinions from Dr. Mia Finkelston are hers alone. This is content from an interview and is not considered medical treatment.