3 Signs It May Be a Sinus Infection and Not the Flu/Cold

During the winter season, it’s common to get a case of the cold or flu, but it’s important to know when it’s something more serious, like a sinus infection. The sooner you catch your symptoms, the sooner you can take steps to treat it.

Symptoms of the common cold and a sinus infection can be similar at first: sore throat, runny nose, cough. But sinus infections also cause facial pain, as the pressure in the sinuses build up. Most cases of a sinus infection are viral and can be treated with pain control (Tylenol and Motrin), nasal sprays (like Nasonex), and saline sprays, to help with the discomfort.

3 Signs that you might have a sinus infection and may want to make an appointment to see a doctor;

  1. 10 days or more of runny nose, stuffy nose, and sinus pressure
  2. You had signs of a cold for a few days, they started to get better, and then you got worse again
  3. Getting a high fever (over 102F), have green or yellow snot, and severe facial pain for 3 to 4 days

If you experience any of these symptoms and your physician diagnoses you with bacterial sinusitis, they may prescribe an antibiotic to help you feel better.

Comments and opinions are from Dr. Silvia Romm and hers alone. This is content from an interview and is not considered medical treatment. 

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