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Whether it is about a recent work issue or argument with a friend, therapists are usually the ones listening to us. They are there to provide support and comfort when we need it most. But because therapists are so focused on their patients, we rarely get to hear about them. That is why we have taken the time to ask a group of therapists you can see using LiveHealth Online some questions about themselves.

Why did you become a therapist?

“I believe each person has a unique story to tell and I feel honored that some choose to share it with me. I also know how helpful it can be to have special time and space dedicated specifically to and for you.” – Kristen Roberts, LMFT

“I recognized that it can be nearly impossible for some people to meet face-to-face when they have a high-risk condition, require childcare or simply have extremely busy lifestyles. The most beneficial aspect of telehealth is receiving care without the added stressor of the commute.” – Meyleen Vasquez, LCSW

What are signs of a good therapist?

“A good therapist is someone who you’ll feel comfortable talking to, who will help you with the stressors of your daily life and will provide you with tools to use.” – Angela Boykin, PhD in Psychology 

“I tell all my new clients to notice how they felt at the end of the session: Did they feel validated? Did they connect with my style and personality? These are good indicators for a positive therapeutic relationship.” – Meyleen Vasquez, LCSW

Why did you decide to practice therapy through video visits, and how do you think it benefits both you and the patient?

“I believe everyone has the right to access care.” – Selena Bush, LCSW

“I decided to start practicing therapy because I always wanted to go into the helping field and I enjoy seeing people improve their lives.” – Elliot Maruffi-Cowley, LCSW

 Why online therapy?

“The convenience and versatility is beyond anything an in-person visit can offer. I have had sessions with patients who were on a walk, in their car stuck in traffic, in a conference room at work, at a park, on their couch and even sick in bed.” – Marchita Masters, PhD in Psychology 

“You have the freedom to choose a schedule that works for you. It can be nearly impossible for some people to meet face-to-face when they have a high-risk condition, require childcare, or simply have extremely busy lifestyles.” – Meyleen Velasquez, LCSW

“It has been so beneficial to see the people that I serve have such an easy and convenient way to work on problematic issues that have compromised their health, relationships, peace of mind, and happiness in the privacy of their own home or place of work. You can get therapy any time of the day or night.” – Ed Glauser, LCSW

What are some common misconceptions about online therapy?

“A common misconception is that online therapy is somehow less effective than face-to-face services. The reality is that with a competent therapist with whom you feel comfortable, both services can be impactful in helping you create changes in your life.” – Meyleen Velasquez, LCSW

“That video therapy would not feel the same as face-to-face therapy – it would feel like something was missing. I have found that people are able to connect interpersonally just as well online as they are in the office. Sometimes, if you are more comfortable in the privacy of your home, office or car, that is perfectly okay.” – Kristen Roberts, LMFT

 How do I know if I should try online therapy?

“If you have a busy lifestyle, limited time or support, and frankly, if you want to.” – Meyleen Velasquez, LCSW

“If you are unsure about initiating therapy, online therapy is a great place to start. Online therapy allows you to explore therapy in a safe and confidential manner.” – Selena Bush, LCSW

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About the therapists

Edward Glauser has been practicing as a Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider for 29 years. He offers compassionate counseling to effectively manage depression, stress, relationship issues and more. His goal is to help clients create more optimal conditions for healing and peace in their lives.

Elliot Maruffi has been providing counseling services for a diverse group of clients for over 12 years. He uses a strength-based approach to assist adolescents’ needs.

Marchita Masters has 27 years of experience. Some of her areas of focus include depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia. She also believes laughter can reduce stress, increase learning and aid in the healing process.

Angela Boykin has been helping people deal with depression and anxiety for 24 years. She is focused on supporting clients as they figure out ways to improve their lives and learn skills to use outside of therapy in everyday life.

Selena Bush has been working with adults and the elderly in an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting for over 4 years. She also received her Master’s in Social Work in 2010.

Kristen Roberts has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst for almost 15 years. She focuses on individuals, couples and families.

Meyleen Velasquez has 10 years of experience. She works with patients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and relationship-related stress. She also specializes in pregnancy and postpartum distress.

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