Dating during the Time of COVID-19: How to Prioritize Your Safety and Mental Health

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A lot has shifted during this pandemic — whether you are working from home, visiting with loved ones electronically and/or ordering your groceries online, you’ve probably had to make some adjustments. The same is true for dating. Because there are no longer opportunities to meet someone organically at a bar or party, it might feel more difficult to date. And, once you do meet someone, you might be unsure of how to proceed — when do you meet up in person? How can the relationship grow and change as you try to get to know each other during a pandemic? While there are no correct answers, here are a few thoughts you might consider:

Shift expectations.

Whether you’re video calling or meeting up in person at a proper distance, your first date will likely look a bit different during the pandemic. It may feel a little awkward and unnatural because it’s somewhat unknown. Remind yourself that we are living in a unique time period, and dating won’t always be this way.

Get creative.

Try to come up with fun, socially distant activities this fall and winter. If the weather is nice, you could kayak, hike or have a physically distant picnic. When you’d prefer to have a date from the comfort of home in cooler weather, you could try cooking, watching a movie or playing a game with your date on a video call.

Have some self-compassion

Remember, dating is hard — even when there’s no pandemic. There are so many stressors and unknowns, which is why it’s especially important to not put more pressure on yourself to find a relationship or “the one.” You’re doing your best, which is more than enough.

Take care of yourself. 

It’s best to put your health and safety first. And, while it can feel frustrating and perhaps lonely to date during the pandemic, it’s well worth it. This is an ideal opportunity to practice prioritizing your own well-being, which is an important skill to have and maintain when you do find a partner.

Talk with a therapist on LiveHealth Online. 

Try to remember that all of this is temporary, and dating will return to normal at some point. Until then, we’re here to support you. Therapists on LiveHealth Online can meet with you from the comfort of your home.


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