5 Ways to Make an Average Day Healthier

Posted on December 13, 2015
5 Ways to Make an Average Day Healthier

Need a few tips for motivation in the morning? Try integrating these tips into your typical routine to make an average day healthier.

    1. Set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier and start the day by stretching. Get out of bed and onto the floor to learn a few yoga poses that you can easily do to get energized. Look out your window as you do these and calm your mind for a few minutes before the day begins. Even if you are not a morning person, try waking up 5 minutes earlier to start your day this way.
    2. Add protein to your breakfast before you leave the house. Studies show that children score better in the classroom if their days begin with a protein-rich breakfast at home.
    3. If you spend time at a computer or desk at work, rest your eyes and shoulders. Take frequent, short breaks from your computer screen to rest your eyes and brain. Turn away from the screen or stand up and stretch. Keep an eye on your posture too.
    4. Take time to read something unrelated to your work for a short while, even 10-15 minutes. Aim to learn something new every day!
    5. If you and your family like to watch television, try incorporating exercise during the commercial breaks. Challenge yourself or others in the room to a push-up contest, or hold a plank for the entire 3-minute break. Jumping jacks and mountain-climbers are great cardio boosters too.

Stay healthy and switch up your daily routine tomorrow!

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