How to Have a Video Visit with Your Child

When you have a child at home, online care is a convenient resource throughout daily life. Whether your child has a fever over the weekend and your doctor’s office is closed, a stomach bug in the middle of the night or you simply want to avoid exposure to more germs, telehealth can help. Save time for you and your family — access care online, when and where you need it.

LiveHealth Online offers urgent care for children of all ages and therapy for children 10 years or older. Here are some tips and best practices for having a video visit with your child.

How to have a telehealth visit with your child:

  1. Open the LiveHealth Online app or website.
  2. Choose “Medical for Kids” for urgent care or “LiveHealth Online Psychology” for therapy.
  3. Select a provider:
    • For medical care, choose “Get Started” to see the first available provider or choose an available provider from the list.
    • For therapy, select a date and choose a provider who specifies they treat children 10 years or older.
  1. Select “My child” and choose a video or phone visit before entering your child’s symptoms and history.
  2. Start your child’s visit!
    • Visits are on demand for urgent care and scheduled for therapy.

What can providers on LiveHealth Online help with?

Online doctors can provide medical advice and next steps for many common urgent care conditions, including rashes, bug bites, tooth pain, pink eye, sore throat, fever, headache, flu, allergies, eye infections and more.

Therapists on LiveHealth Online can help your child with stress, life changes, transitions and more.

Tips to help your child feel comfortable during an online visit:

  • Talk to your child about online care. If this is your child’s first telehealth visit, it may be helpful to explain that online care is an easy way to talk to a doctor from home.
  • Have your child participate in the process. Your child can view the doctor’s picture and name or help choose a provider. During the visit, you can ask your child questions and encourage their participation if they feel comfortable.
  • Use video visits when possible. Providers use video to help assess your child’s health and determine next steps for care.
  • Write down concerns and notes you want to discuss. It can be helpful to keep track of symptoms before the visit. Details may include when the symptoms started and how they’ve changed. If your child is having a therapy visit, you can encourage them to write about their feelings or anything they want to talk about before they start the visit.
  • Find a quiet place. Start the visit from a private space with minimal distractions so you and your child can focus on speaking with the provider.
  • Stay engaged. Ask questions during the visit and follow any post-visit care guidelines. Talk to your child afterward so you both understand the next steps for care.

Having a video visit with a doctor can be useful and comforting for both you and your child. Log into LiveHealth Online to receive medical advice 24/7 or schedule therapy anytime.

See a board certified doctor using LiveHealth Online and feel better faster.

What is LiveHealth Online?

LiveHealth Online is a service where you select a doctor, and he or she can answer questions, assess your condition and even provide a prescription if needed. Learn more

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