How to Minimize the Risk of Suffering a Concussion

How do you minimize the risk of suffering a concussion without stopping playing the sport you or your kids enjoy? Prevention! Know the game, the rules and how to take care of yourself in order to keep everyone safe.

  1. Play by the rules and practice good sportsmanship whether in practice or in a contest.
  2. Before a game, coach and team should check the playing surface for any unknown hazards.
  3. Use the right equipment for your sport. There is no substitute for safety gear and proper fit.
  4. Learn the proper techniques for your sport, from the warm up to the execution of practice to the cool down…. not only athletes need this but the coaches should ALL be trained in these necessary guidelines.  Children and adults are getting stronger and more creative with their strength. Understand what is right and wrong, it can save some serious injuries.

Read our post on Sports Safety Tips for further information on minimizing injuries on the playing field.

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