New Year, New Way to Get Care

When making resolutions for the New Year, health should always be a priority. This year, stay on top of it by using LiveHealth Online! There are a few misconceptions when it comes to using telehealth, but LiveHealth Online is an easy and convenient way to see a doctor. Here some of the common concerns about telehealth and how LiveHealth Online can help those concerns.

  • Technology Support – Whether they consider themselves on the less technically savvy side of things or simply can’t connect to a WiFi network, people are often scared of using new technology. However, there’s a few easy ways to troubleshoot the common issues people run into with LiveHealth Online. With just four quick steps, registration is couldn’t be easier. Once registered, all of the info you need about doctors and treatments is right at your fingertips. After that, providers and physicians are trained to help troubleshoot if any issues arise, the customer service line is available 24/7, and LiveHealth Online is constantly taking steps to update range to provide access to people living in rural areas.
  • Prescription Needs – Many patients using telehealth service are looking for advice to treat their symptoms, but what people may not know is that doctors using LiveHealth Online are also able to prescribe common medications to manage aches, cuts, etc. They are also able to treat patients with antibiotics for chronic illnesses, help with medications and answer any health questions you may have.
  • 24/7 Accessibility – LiveHealth Online is very accessible. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, a new mom and dad could have an in-person appointment scheduled for the next day but run into an issue at 2:00AM and still can speak with an LHO doctor for treatment. Through the application, you can show a doctor or physician your issue real-time and receive advice and treatment. Patients in line at urgent care during peak seasons can call in on a smart phone and get prescriptions for things such as rashes or cuts. Additionally, doctors in the network can also provide sick notes for work or school.

Try LiveHealth as a new way to get care this New Year! Register your account while you’re well so that you can use it with no hassle for when you need it. LiveHealth Online is for people of all ages and will connect you to the right doctor to help with your concerns.

Comments and opinions from Dr. Mia Finkelston and hers alone. This is content from an interview and is not considered medical treatment. 

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