Actress Melissa Joan Hart Hosts LiveHealth® Online Summit: Women Connect to Health Highlighting Survey Insights and Trends on Women and Healthcare Technology
September 28, 2016

LiveHealth® Online, a mobile app and website that provides consumers with a convenient way to have live video visits with doctors for non-emergency health conditions, and EmpowHER®, an online health community for women, unveiled the results of their new “Moms and Health Technology Survey” at the LiveHealth® Online Summit: Women Connect to Health in New York City. According to the women surveyed, they are constantly looking for better and easier ways to manage their family’s health, with all agreeing (100%) that having round the clock access to a doctor would be helpful. Further, seventy-one percent (71%) of moms surveyed reported losing more than two hours from the work/school day due to taking their child for a doctor visit, underscoring the critical need and importance of immediate access to healthcare.

The Summit, hosted by actress and mom of three Melissa Joan Hart, focused on the needs and desires of women to identify and utilize new and emerging healthcare technologies to help manage their family’s health. The event also featured speakers from both the health and technology fields, including John Jesser, President, LiveHealth® Online, Michelle King Robson, Founder, EmpowHER, Sarah Haflett, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute, and Dr. Mia Finkelston, Medical Director, Online Care Group.

“As a busy working mom of three young children it can be challenging to see our doctor when we need to address a non-emergency health issue” said Melissa Joan Hart, host and spokesperson for the LiveHealth® Online Summit: Women Connect to Health. “This is why I felt it was important to be part of this dialogue about how mobile technology is evolving and providing moms like me with new tools that help manage, track and access health information. Now, more than ever, women need access to information and technology that enable them to focus on health and wellness for themselves and their families.”

The “Moms and Health Technology Survey” compiled responses from more than 500 moms within the EmpowHER online community about their use of health technology tools, apps and trackers to understand their current habits and anticipated needs.

Key Survey Findings:

  • Eighty two percent (82%) of moms surveyed say they are the most “health tech-savvy” in their family.
  • Sixty-four percent (64%) of moms surveyed say that having access to healthcare on-demand is more important than having streaming video or food delivery.
  • Sixty-four percent (64%) of women surveyed said they find it challenging to take their kids to the doctor during office hours during the school year.
  • Seventy-nine percent (79%) of moms surveyed say they’re interested in trying or learning more about telemedicine to help themselves and/or their family when faced with a non-emergency medical issue.
  • Over half of moms surveyed (54%) said online video visits with a doctor would make them more confident that they can attend to their family’s health or would be like having a health security blanket.

“The results of our survey, plus the growing utilization of technology reveal the importance of health related tools for women and emphasize this increased need for healthcare to become more convenient, especially with an anticipated shortage of primary care doctors, crowded ERs and continued rising costs,” said John Jesser, President of LiveHealth® Online. “Moms in particular are benefitting from the merger of technology and health and using tools such as LiveHealth® Online because it allows them to get better access to doctors, be more efficient with time and keep their families and themselves healthy.”

In addition, health technology tools are giving moms hope for the future with sixty-one percent (61%) of those surveyed agreeing that health technology innovations will lead to better overall health for their children. To learn more about the survey, visit, and to learn more about LiveHealth Online, visit

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