Author, Actress, Model and Mom of Three Molly Sims Hosts LiveHealth® Online Summit: Women Connect to Health 2017 Highlighting Survey Insights into the Complexities of Postpartum Healthcare
September 20, 2017

LiveHealth® Online, a leading mobile app and website that provides consumers with a convenient way to have live video visits with doctors for non-emergency health conditions, and BabyCenter®, the #1 pregnancy and parenting digital destination, unveiled the results of their new “Postpartum Health” survey at the LiveHealth Online Summit: Women Connect to Health event yesterday in New York City. The survey found that while moms report feeling more love and joy after bringing home their new baby, postpartum health changes are considered a top challenge by more than half (52%) of those moms. In fact, moms surveyed reported both physical (96%) and emotional (60%) challenges after giving birth, and while they have questions about their health, many moms struggle to find the time (47%) or have difficulty getting care right away (38%).

The Summit, hosted by author, actress, model and mom of three, Molly Sims, put a spotlight on the complexities and challenges that arise after pregnancy and the critical role technology can play in addressing the unique needs of moms and their families today. The event also featured speakers from both the health and women’s lifestyle fields, including John Jesser, President, LiveHealth Online, Marie Leonte, Research Lead, BabyCenter Consumer Insights & Analytics, Pamela Pekerman, Women’s Lifestyle Expert, and Dr. Mia Finkelston, Medical Director, Online Care Group.

“From pregnancy to those first precious weeks at home, bringing a new baby into the world is a life-changing experience filled with tremendous physical and emotional changes,” said Molly Sims, host and spokesperson for the LiveHealth Online Summit: Women Connect to Health. “With a new baby and two young children, it’s sometimes difficult to prioritize my own health and to know when something is serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit. This is why I felt it was important to partner with LiveHealth Online to help drive the conversation about how technology can help moms like me get the care they need when it’s convenient and easy for them.”

The “Postpartum Health” survey compiled responses from more than 1,000 moms within the BabyCenter community about their postpartum experience and anticipated healthcare needs for themselves and their new babies.

Key Survey Findings Include:

  • 37% of moms surveyed who experience physical issues, and 63% of moms experiencing postpartum emotional challenges, don’t seek out professional help from a doctor or therapist.
  • Fear of judgement and guilt most often hold moms back from talking about emotional issues, while physical challenges are rationalized as “normal” or “not serious,” according to moms surveyed.
  • Only 39% feel completely like themselves again two years after giving birth.

“The survey findings provide fascinating insights into what’s really going on with new moms and the concerns they have about their health and the health of their families after pregnancy. It’s clear that many moms struggle to find the time to see a doctor or have difficulty getting the care they want when they need it,” said John Jesser, President of LiveHealth Online. “Thankfully, there are ways technology solutions, like LiveHealth Online, can make the postpartum phase of life a little easier by addressing the needs of moms and their families with trusted, reliable care and support within minutes.”

According to the survey, 68% of moms reported that they would be likely to connect with a doctor online in the time period between having a baby and before their first postpartum appointment, and eight in 10 new moms have health questions they want answered without an office visit. LiveHealth Online offers patients access to affordable healthcare for non-emergency concerns when their regular doctor is not available. To learn more about the ways LiveHealth Online can help address the needs of women and families today, please visit

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