Poison Ivy Home Remedy Relief

Poison ivy is nearly impossible to avoid if you and your kids love the outdoors. You can try at home remedies to treat poison ivy and help ease the pain (and the itch!) with simple ingredients from the garden and pantry.

Make sure that before trying out any of these remedies you first wash the area with soap and water thoroughly, along with any affected clothing.

  1. Cover the rash with a paste made from cold coffee and baking soda. First put about a half a cup baking soda in a bowl and slowly add cool coffee to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to your blisters to remove the poison.
  2. Take a warm bath with oatmeal or Epsom salt. Use about one cup of oatmeal or two cups of Epsom salt in a full bathtub.
  3. Rub a banana peel or a watermelon rind over the rash and don’t rinse it off. Allow it to dry naturally. This will help get relief from the itchiness caused by the rash.
  4. Make a paste from one tablespoon of turmeric root powder with equal parts of lime or lemon juice and apply to the affected area. This spice has great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  5. Whip a potato into a paste in your blender. Spread it onto your skin and cover with plastic wrap. Potato is an anti-inflammatory, which makes it an effective home remedy to heal poison ivy.

If these homemade remedies aren’t enough and you’re experiencing extreme discomfort or a spreading rash, you can have an online doctor chat using LiveHealth Online.

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